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Director Election Results

Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2020 Director Elections.

CVEC is a democratically controlled, not-for-profit electric cooperative governed by nine directors elected by and from the members to serve a three-year term in office. There are five districts and each district is allotted a proportionate number of directors. One seat was up for election in each of the following districts – 2, 4 and 5.
Voting took place by mail-in ballot only, which concluded on August 3, 2020 with a 25.71% voter turnout.
Randy Gottschalk of Lovilia, IA was elected to serve and represent District 2 receiving 671 votes. Opponent Doris Little of rural Albia, IA received 558 votes.
Michael Miller of Russell, IA ran un-opposed and was re-elected to continue serving District 4 receiving 1,134 votes.
Richard Welsh of Albia, IA was elected to serve and represent District 5 receiving 735 votes. Opponent Dennis Conley Jr. of Albia, IA received 503 votes.
CEO/General Manager Leilani Todd stated, “Thank you to all director candidates for their interest in serving the cooperative by pursuing a seat on the board of directors. I would also like to thank the members who took the time to vote and participate in this democratic process. This is what sets us apart from other organizations, we are owned by the members who have a voice.”
With the conclusion of ballot tallying, the following CVEC members were drawn at random to receive the following prizes
  • $1,500 Energy Credit – Edward & Susan Murphy
  • $500 Energy Credit –  Mark Kurimski
  • $250 Energy Credit – Tim & Vickie Reynolds
The credit will be reflected on next month’s energy bill.
The following individual was also drawn at random for completing and returning the membership survey and will receive an Energy Credit of $100
  • Randall Raper
The following students were drawn at random and will each receive a $500 “Luck of the Draw Scholarship”
  • Ian Griener
  • Dalaney Clark
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