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Safety Maintenance Programs

Chariton Valley Electric operations department provides our members with the high quality, reliable SAFE service you need. In order to maintain the safety of our system, we have adopted a written program for inspecting and maintaining your electric supply lines. This program helps determine the necessity for replacement, maintenance and repair, and vegetation management of our electrical distribution system.

Vegetation Management
Contractors complete Chariton Valley’s right-of-way maintenance program which consists of tree and brush pruning and cutting, and chemical treatment to slow down future growth. Vegetation management is currently scheduled by substation and our entire system is managed on an approximate 5-year cycle or 20% of the system annually.

Overhead and Underground Line Inspections
Chariton Valley’s line inspection program calls for the inspection of all overhead electric lines over an 8-year period with approximately 13% of the system inspected each year.

Substation Inspection and Maintenance
Substations serving Chariton Valley are owned and operated by our power supplier, Northeast Missouri Power. Substation inspections are subject to their reliability plan.

Pole Inspection and Treatment
Chariton Valley has a program of regular above and below ground line pole inspection and treatment, with the complete system scheduled to be completed on an 8-year cycle.

Trees and Power Line Safety
Tree limbs that grow too close to power lines can cause damage, interrupt your service, and create a safety hazard to you, your neighbors, or children.

Do not allow children to climb or play in any tree located near a power line.
Electrical shock can occur when a person touches a tree that is touching a wire.

To provide you with safe and reliable electric service Chariton Valley annually trims trees on our system which are located to close to power lines.

What Trees Are the Members Responsible For?

  • Chariton Valley Electric provides tree clearance along our lines to the meter location.
  • All lines beyond the meter belong to the member, and tree clearance is the member's responsibility.
  • Chariton Valley recommends hiring a professional tree contractor when trimming trees near power lines. If safety is a concern, we will disconnect any wires from the meter to your service so your contractor can perform the work safely.

Before Planting Trees

  • Be aware that trees planted in the utility easement may be trimmed or removed so consider the size of the tree when it matures and plant well outside the rightof-way to avoid future contacts with the power lines.


If you have any questions, please call our operations department at 641-932-7126 or 800-475-1702.



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