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Meter Based Surge Suppression

Today’s home is filled with electronic equipment. Computers, televisions, stereos, refrigerators, washers, clothes dryers and more – none of this equipment is inexpensive, so you take good care of these items.

But are you protecting your sensitive electronic equipment from power surges? If you do not have surge protection, consider getting it. Today’s electronic equipment and appliances are very sensitive – digital clocks, for example. And remember anything you plug in can be damaged, and in worst case scenarios, destroyed by power surges.

A power surge is a brief, unpredictable increase in voltage that can enter your home through the power, telephone, or cable television lines. They can occur at any time and in any locale.

  • The first step in power surge protection is proper grounding for a home’s electrical system.
  • The next step is the use of a surge suppression system to provide an added layer of protection for sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Remember, the next step involves a whole-house surge suppression system, not just a plug-in power strip.

A power surge protection system can protect your home on multiple levels including the two main trouble spots. First where electricity enters a building and second inside a building, where electronic equipment is connected to electricity through the outlets.

The meter-based surge protector protects a building from power surges at the entry point, which is where a building and the equipment within it are most vulnerable. Plug in devices for surge protection inside a building offers secondary protection.

A whole-house surge suppression system also includes coverage for other avenues power surges can use to enter a home such as telephone, cable TV and satellite TV lines.


Lease Fee

Chariton Valley Electric offers the Meter Base Surge Suppression Device (MB-SSD). Don’t wait for a power surge to damage your sensitive electronic equipment. Contact Chariton Valley Electric for details on the surge protection package we offer at 641-932- 7126 or 800-475-1702.



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