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Green Energy Solutions

What is Green Energy?

Green Energy is a term used to describe energy produced from alternative fuels or resources. Currently, the majority of your electricity is generated by burning coal or natural gas in a power plant or by hydro power generated by dams. Extensive research and development has been taking place in order to discover and offer alternatives to these two main sources. These alternative fuels, or green energy, are produced from sources such as wind, solar, or biomass (such as burning wood chips, landfill gasses, agricultural wastes, etc.).


What Kind Can You Buy?

You can purchase green energy through Chariton Valley Electric. Your power supplier will be utilizing the most efficient type of renewable energy available in order to make it affordable for all members.


Who Can Buy Green Energy?

Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative offers an optional program that is available to all members. If you take advantage of the option to purchase green energy, you will be making a positive, eco-friendly energy choice. Our program offers green energy to our members in increments of 100 kWh blocks with a 12-month contract commitment.


How Do I Sign Up?

For more information or to sign up for your green energy, download our 
Alternate Energy Purchase Agreement or call our office at (641) 932-7126 or (800) 475-1702 to talk to one of our customer service representatives. You may also complete the form and fax it back to us at (641) 932-2534 (FAX).


More Green Energy Resources

Find out more about green energy with these web resources.





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