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Benefits of AMI

1. ​Reliability:

  • With two-way communications from the meter, CVEC crews can proactively react to outage locations faster.
  • As each meter communicates independently with our outage and mapping software, outage restoration time can be more accurately predicted.
  • Each meter will monitor and identify a blink at its location and allow for accuracy in diagnosing the cause of the blink.


2. Efficiency:

  • Through the automated meter reading process we will be able to spend less time collecting and entering meter readings with our billing process.
  • Real time data will be available to the Member Service Representatives and you the member in order to analyze energy usage annually, monthly and daily.
  • With the two-way communicating equipment outage restoration process will become more automated and be more efficiently coordinated with crews.


3. Affordability:

  • By remote meter reading, this means saving a truck roll, thus saving labor, gas, vehicle maintenance expense and lowering our carbon footprint.
  • CVEC will be able to use energy data and enhance our energy efficiency programs to help you the member make wise decisions on energy related equipment. 
  • As you the consumer get more engaged, CVEC will be able to accommodate future technologies like demand response programs, time of day rates that can be advantageous to both you the member and CVEC.


A Smarter Grid



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